CASH received TODAY! . . . is worth more than cash received tomorrow!

DFS provides a variety of funding strategies and specializes in the privately held business note.

Unlike a real estate mortgage note . . . A Business Note is usually secured by the business itself (rather than real estate) and all the inventory / equipment / assets owned by the business.

Typically, we work with clients who have sold a business . . . received a substantial down payment . . . and carried back a loan in the form of a business note, secured by the business and usually, personally guaranteed by the payor . . . . and are receiving regular monthly payments on the loan.

Depending on a variety of factors . . . . rate / term / note structure / pay history / number of payments made / current credit situation of business and payor . . . we can probably find a funding source who will pay CASH for the FULL or PARTIAL purchase of your note.

There are only five investors / note buyers, nationwide, that buy business notes to keep for their own portfolios, and they consistently pay the highest prices for the notes they purchase. We work directly with all five and our job is to negotiate with these sources to get the best deal possible for our client(s)!

While we can review any note for possible purchase . . . the ideal note from an investor point of view, a note that will bring the highest purchase price, will be structured as follows:

30%+ Down Payment
15% - 18% Interest Rate
Maximum of 60 Month Term
Minimum of 3 Months Seasoning (i.e. at least 3 payments have been received)
Well Secured . . . Personally

Larger Down Payments can compensate for less Seasoning and more Seasoning can compensate for smaller Down Payments. Do not hesitate to let us review your note, regardless of the structure.

If you are a business note holder . . . or a business broker . . . our unique services and funding sources can help you cash out of an old deal . . . and get you to the closing table faster, with new deals!In some cases, with a substantial down payment, we can even do a simultaneous close, and buy the note right at the closing table.

Other than gathering and sending the required paperwork, the note seller, usually has no up-front fees or closing costs of any kind. The note buyer will normally pay all fees and costs associated with the deal.

To get started, there are only a few things we need to know . . . and most of the details and information should be readily available to you. Simply FAX us a copy of the Note, copy of the Bill of Sale and the Closing Statement and we will go to work. If you let us know exactly how much $$$ you need to raise, we can structure the purchase so you only have to sell as few of the monthly payments as possible in order to get you the money you need.  We always advise our clients to never sell more payments than they have to.  No need to leave money on the table . . . you can always sell more later.

Any and all information you submit will be held in strict confidence . . . and, of course, you are under no obligation to accept any offer we make. With the requested information, we should be able to get you a firm quote, subject to document review and due diligence, within 24 - 48 hours.

We look forward to working with you. Please call Tad Patterson . . . 541-686-0328 to discuss your note or transaction. We will be happy to answer any questions and discuss any issues or concerns.