Why should I sell my mortgage note / income stream?
If you enjoy receiving your periodic payments and do not need cash, then you probably do not want or need to sell your note. But what if you are in need of immediate cash? Many people find themselves in a situation where a lump-sum of cash is either required or highly desirable . . . to pay off bills, debts, taxes, divorce settlements; to start a new business, invest in a new project, or pay for college; to buy a new house or take a special vacation. Those who understand the present value of money may have many reasons to sell . . . and more and more people are choosing to take cash rather than wait for future payments.

The only way some people can sell their property, or get their asking price, is to provide all or some owner financing. If structured properly, their brand new note can be sold / transferred at closing so they get all their cash at closing, just as if their buyer or property had qualified for traditional financing. For many FSBOs, Investors and Builders . . . Temporary Seller Financing is becoming the strategy of choice.

Is selling my mortgage note / income stream legal?
ABSOLUTELY! It is completely legal . . . corporations and wealthy individuals have been buying and selling mortgage notes for decades. We work with a variety of funding sources, nationwide, who are buy privately held mortgage notes. DFS will help you find the funding source that will pay you the maximum for your note / income stream.

Is selling my note like getting a loan?
NO! This is definitely not a loan. You would, in fact, be selling the entire note (or a portion of it) and there is no recourse to you for any reason. Examples of Full and Partial Purchases.

What happens if the mortgage payer defaults or is late making payments?
Since this is not a loan, the funding source assumes all risk for the entire note . . . or that portion you sell to them. You have absolutely no responsibility or liability.

What costs or fees would I, the seller, have?
In many cases, NONE! Depending on the quality of the note, most costs, including any legal fees, are paid by DFS or the funding source. There may be no out-of-pocket costs to you, the mortgage seller, other than providing a title policy and current appraisal. The $$ amount offered and accepted by you, for your note, is the actual CASH amount you will receive at closing.

How long does it take to do the deal and receive the lump-sum cash?
The whole process is very simple and straight forward and once all the necessary documents have been examined, prepared, signed and are in place, the transaction is concluded. This usually takes between two - three weeks, sometimes, even faster. On the day of closing, the funding source, through the title company, will provide your lump-sum payment directly to you, per your instructions to them.

Will this also work with brand new notes?
Absolutely! This is known as a "Simultaneous Close" and is one of the fastest ways to sell a property and still get all your cash at closing! To learn more about this Temporary Owner Financing approach to selling your property . . . review Temporary Owner Financing

Should I talk to my attorney and CPA?
Of course! You should talk to anyone you feel comfortable with . . . including your CPA, Tax Advisor, Banker, and Attorney. Feel free to have them contact us if they have any questions or concerns.