DFS partners with a variety of funding sources that provide lump sum payments for cash flow streams resulting from structured settlements. These settlements are usually the result of personal injury accidents and are generally of a non-assignable nature. Our funding partners have developed special programs and procedures that enable them to legally purchase these non-assignable settlements and give the owners of these payments a large up-front lump sum cash payment.

Structured settlements also result from civil lawsuits, divorce, casino jackpots, lottery winnings, inheritances, workers comp, VA and military disabilities and military pensions and a variety of other unique windfalls that are paid out over time.

While settlement recipients have many reasons or needs for wanting lump-sum cash rather than periodic, monthly or annual payments, one of the biggest reasons is long term financial security. Inflation alone reduces the value of a twenty-year payout! While the monthly payments never increase . . . and eventually end . . . costs and living expenses (homes, automobiles, college tuition, groceries) will continue to increase. By prudently investing, even a portion of a lump-sum payment, you can create enduring wealth that will last well beyond a twenty-year payout and even stay ahead of inflation.

Consider this scenario. A $1,000,000 settlement paid out over twenty years = $50,000 per year before taxes. And all payments stop in twenty years.

But . . . if you had a lump sum of $300,000 to invest: @ 8% interest, you would have $600,000 in 9 years and $1,200,000 in 18 years! @10% interest you would have $600,000 in 7.2 years and over $2,000,000 in 20 years! Imagine what it would be at 12% ! That's the power of lump sum cash!

Many structured settlement recipients use their lump sum payments to expand business, start new ventures, pay off debts, purchase homes, or make investments to create wealth and ensure long-term financial security. What ever your reason . . . we can help you take advantage of this powerful financial tool.

DFS promises audacious client service . . .  at no risk . . . with no cost! Our funding partners offer a variety of flexible and individually tailored plans designed to meet specific financial goals. Clients can select from a variety of purchase plans, including, Full Purchase, Partial Purchase, Shared Payment, or Deferred Payment. Specific plan availability depends on the type of settlement, the settlement agreement, the payout structure and other such factors. Contact us to confidentially discuss your situation . . . your needs . . . your options.