Viatical Settlemets . . . Providng for the financial needs of the terminally ill

Simply put . . . the terminally ill now have the option of cashing in their life insurance policies while they are still alive and able to enjoy the benefits of a lump sum of cash.

The process through which one sells their life insurance policy, or a portion of it, for an amount of cash that is less than the face value or death benefit is called a viatical settlement. The person receiving the settlement is know as the viator. These settlements allow the viator to live out the balance of their life with dignity and financial security. They can get their affairs in order and fulfill life dreams. They can take the focus off of finances and live the remainder of their life with dignity.


Death benefits become life benefits.

The settlement received can be used for anything . . . to settle debts; to pay current bills and ongoing medical, insurance, and general living expenses; to pay for travel, vacations, and / or anything else on one's wish list; to use for, or give to, loved ones while the viator can still enjoy the results of their gift.

We encourtage everyone to consult with their fiancial advisor, attorney, or accountant to help determine financial needs and explore the impact a sale of life insurance will have on their financial situation . . . and we, of course, will be happy to discuss your needs and assist you in beginning the viatical settlement process.

In order to qualify for a viatical settlement the potential viator has to have been medically diagnosed as terminally ill . . . have a life insurance policy (individual or group) that is at least two years old and no longer contestable . . . and have completed an uncomplicated viatical application. Once approved, an offer for the life insurance policy is made. If accepted by the viator, change of beneficiary forms and other paper work is completed, and the funds are dispersed.

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Viaticals have created a unique win - win investment opportunity

Every viatical settlement includes the viator, who receives the settlement . . . and on the other end of the process, an investor who has provided the financial resources to fund the settlement. It is truly a win - win situation.

The investor who invests in or purchases a viatical settlement, acquires the insurance policy's irrevocable beneficial interest (i.e. they become the beneficiary and receive the death benefit when the policy matures). This represents an asset with high fixed returns and virtually no risk . . . while at the same time endorsing and furthering humanitarian efforts. In general, investors can invest in policies with maturities from 12 to 60 months and receive actual returns of 10% to 20%, with no risk. If you are interested in learning more about the viatical settlement as an investment opportunity please contact us and we will be happy to provide addition information.