Private Mortgage Notes

DFS provides a variety of services for the diversified cash-flow industry and specializes in the privately held mortgage note. There are many reasons why private mortgage holders may desire to sell all, or part, of their note for lump-sum cash. What ever the reason . . . we can help you get the cash you want and need now!

We can find funding sources for almost any type of note or paper secured by some kind of real-estate, including: single family homes, multi-family dwellings, mobile homes with / without land, apartment buildings, commercial buildings, developed and undeveloped land. From small 2NDs . . . to large 1STs . . . to portfolios in the millions . . . we can buy ALL or PART of your note depending on your needs. Many sellers like a partial because they get a lump sum payment right away, and later, when the note reverts back to them, they get the remaining payments left on the note.

Typically, we work with clients who have sold property, or perhaps a business, . . . have carried back a loan in the form of a 1st / 2nd mortgage, deed of trust, a wrap, etc. . . . and are receiving regular monthly payments on the loan. Regardless of how your note is structured we can probably find a funding source who will pay CASH for the balance of your note . Our job is to find and negotiate with a variety of sources to get you the best deal possible!

If you are a real estate owner, agent or broker . . . our unique services and funding sources can help get you to the closing table faster, even with non-conforming properties and non-qualifying buyers! Ask us how we do it!

Other than a title policy and current appraisal, you, the note seller, usually have no up-front fees or closing costs of any kind. The note buyer will normally pay all fees and costs associated with the deal.

To get started, there are only a few things we need to know . . . and most of the details and information should be readily available to you. Simply complete and submit the Mortgage Note Work Sheet and we will go to work. Any and all information you submit will be held in strict confidence . . . and, of course, you are under no obligation to accept any offer we make.

Before you do anything, read our FAQ's page and if you still have questions contact us directly. We will be happy to answer any questions and discuss any issues or concerns.